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The External Funding team provide support to local organisations to help identify funding for the delivery of projects in Aberdeen. Using GRANTfinder, an online funding search engine, the team can help streamline the funding search process and share up to date information on schemes from local, regional, national government, charitable trusts, and corporate sponsors. We engage regularly with ACVO, Aberdeen’s Third Sector Interface to ensure effective and efficient funding support across the city. 

The External Funding team provide support and feedback on draft applications and guidance on funding eligibility criteria. We help make potential applicants aware of the priorities and actions within the Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP) 2016-2026, Socio-Economic Rescue Plan 2020/21 and share relevant local and national data sources. Taken together, knowledge of key policy documents and strategic plans can help strengthen funding applications. 

If you have a project in mind and would like assistance to identify funding sources, please get in touch with our team at the email address below.

Internally, the External Funding team help colleagues at Aberdeen City Council to develop project applications and partnerships. Our participation in the North Sea Commission and the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions helps to ensure transnational collaboration and cooperation on a range of issues such as energy, climate change and transport. We prepare financial reports at scheduled intervals and undertake budget monitoring for several EU projects, which helps to deliver on Aberdeen City Region Hydrogen Strategy & Action Plan 2015 - 2025. Since 2012, the External Funding team has helped to secure over £29,000,000 in EU grants for Aberdeen City Council projects. 

Contact details

Stuart Bews, Senior External Funding and Policy Officer

Agata Kowal, External Funding and Policy Officer 

Gill Begbie, External Funding and Policy Officer 

Charlotte Farquhar, Funding Admin Officer

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