Report a missed bin collection

Residential wheelie bins

We will do our best to return for genuine missed bin collections, however we are unable to return for a bin that has not been put out.

Before reporting a missed bin please make sure:

  • Your bin was out by 7am
  • You have checked your calendar for the correct collection day
  • Your bin lid was closed. Overfilled bins will not be collected and bags of waste left next to the bins will not be picked up
  • Your bin has not been tagged as having the wrong items in it. Wrong materials will need to be removed from the bin before the next collection.

If your bin has not been collected for any of these reasons we will not return to pick up your waste until your next scheduled collection day. In the meantime, you can take any excess waste to a recycling point or recycling centre.

Communal bins

Communal bins do not have a fixed day of the week for collection, but some communal bins have not been emptied as often as usual. We ask customers for their patience as we attempt to catch up

Business waste

If your business waste bins have been missed you can report it through our Business Waste General Enquiries form.

Contact the Waste and Recycling team

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