Your data: empty homes privacy notice

How we use your information 

The Aberdeen City Council Empty Homes Officer is informed of empty properties identified in Council Tax records. They have access to the personal details (name and contact information) of owners stored in the Council Tax database. They may also receive information about empty properties from other Council services, from the public, from MSP’s/MP’s or from owners themselves. The Aberdeen City Council Empty Homes Officer is the key point of contact, in the first instance, for actions relating to empty homes. 

If you are an owner of an empty property you may be contacted by our Empty Homes Officer. Our Empty Homes Officer will liaise with other Council services, such as the Private Sector Housing Unit, Environmental Health, Council Tax and may share personal information (name, address of empty property and contact details of the owner) with the aim of bringing the empty home back into occupancy. 

If you wish to participate in one of our Property Matchmaker Schemes, please see the relevant privacy notices (Property Matchmaker Selling and Property Matchmaker Rental). 

The Council will report non-personal statistical data internally and to its partner organisations, to assess, manage and plan empty homes work.   

How long we keep your information for 

Council Tax information is retained until the liability for Council Tax within Aberdeen City has ended and there are no outstanding Council Tax balances. Information will only be deleted where these circumstances have been met and the information is older than the current financial year plus six years. 

Empty Homes case management records will be kept for 12 months from the date on which the case is closed. 

Your rights 

You have rights in relation to your data, including the right to ask for a copy of it. See the Your data page for more information about all the rights you have, as well as the contact details for the Council’s Data Protection Officer. You also have the right to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office if you think we haven’t handled your data properly. 

Our legal basis 

Wherever the Council processes personal data, we need to make sure we have a legal basis for doing so in data protection law. The Council understands our legal basis for processing this personal data as part of our public task under our powers set out in the Local Government Finance Act 1992 and the Housing (Scotland) Act 2010 s157. 

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