Union Street and City Centre

Members decided the central section of Union Street is to be buses-only. The decision was made during a Full Council meeting after a report considering recommendations for the City Centre Masterplan was presented to councillors. Council staff put forward four options for the future of central Union Street to councillors.

The option chosen is two bus lanes with bus laybys (which was option three) and council staff have been instructed to prepare details designs for this.

Other decisions for the centre centre included:

  • Creating a bus priority route – a buses and taxis-only section - on Bridge Street, Guild Street (east of Wapping Street), and Market Street (north of Guild Street).
  • A ban on turning right from Union Terrace to Rosemount Viaduct (except for buses, taxis and cycles), and Schoolhill will be pedestrianised from Back Wynd to Flourmill Lane, with access for service vehicles only.

There will be a net increase of more than 20 spaces in taxi ranks compared to 2019, as well as a net increase of more than 10 accessible parking bays through the city centre.

The council also agreed to undertake a pilot project to spruce up buildings on the block at 107-131 Union Street and report progress to a Full Council meeting in December 2022. The spruce-up includes funding the façade cleaning works which would act as an incentive for owners and occupiers to complete maintenance works such as decoration, roof repairs, shop front replacements.

The last report to committee about this area can be viewed at item 9.5 at Agenda for Council on Wednesday, 24th August, 2022, 10.30 am (aberdeencity.gov.uk)

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