Family and community support

  • Alternative to Care Team and Intensive Family Intervention Team (IFIT)
    Craigielea Children's Centre
    Craigton Road
    AB15 7UU
    01224 313695
    Fax: 01224 311168
  • Family Support Service, Pre-Birth Team and PEEP
    Deeside Family Resource Centre
    Girdleness Road
    AB11 8TD
    01224 248389
    Fax: 01224 897903
  • Contact Service and Weekend Team
    Quarry Centre
    Cummings Park Crescent
    AB16 7AS
    01224 691800
    Fax: 01224 788665
  • Family Support Service
    Tillydrone Family Resource Centre
    Pennan Road
    AB24 2UD
    01224 495683
    Fax: 01224 277286
  • Intensive Community Support and Learning Service
    116 Westburn Road
    AB25 2QA
    01224 504350
    Fax: 01224 504379
  • Family Support Service
    Williamson Family Resource Centre
    Mastrick Close
    AB16 6XZ
    01224 692428
    Fax: 01224 696241
  • Young Women's Service
    Pittodrie Centre
    Golf Road
    AB24 5QA
    01224 659620

Please contact the Children's Reception Team on 0800 731 5520 or the Out of Hours Service on 01224 693936 (Monday to Thursday 4.30pm to midnight, Friday 4pm to midnight, Weekends 8.30am to midnight)

The Social Work team

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The Children's Social Work team

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