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Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership (ACHSCP) aims to help people live at home independently, safely, and for as long as possible. To help us to continue to be able to provide services to people with a range of needs, we ask them, if they can afford it, to make a contribution towards the cost of certain aspects of their care and support services. 

Decisions made in relation to charging are set within the overall context of increasing demand for services as a result of a growing, ageing population with increased incidences of multiple and complex needs and a corresponding reduction in the budget available. ACHSCP are having to provide more services with less money.  We are continually reviewing our service delivery and changing the way we do things to try to reduce costs, increase efficiency and achieve best value to avoid increasing the charges to those who use our services. Some level of charging is, however, inevitable.   

The charges are carefully considered to ensure that they are reasonable for people to pay and they take into account: 

  • The type of service provided and the recipient of the service.
  • The person’s ability to meet the cost.
  • What others in similar circumstances but living in different areas across Scotland are asked to pay.

Any charge made will not exceed the actual cost of providing the service.   

This policy introduces a new approach to charging for adult social care services and is designed to align with national and strategic priorities for Self-Directed Support (SDS). It relates to non-residential services only and includes our Housing Support services and some services provided by Registered Social Landlords (RSLs).

Read the charging policy on the Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership website

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