Policy on advertising on or in taxis or private hire cars


  1. Advertising is permitted on and/or in all taxis.
  2. Advertisements must not (a) be placed on any of the vehicle’s windows, or (b) obscure any identification plates, notices or roof signs provided by the Council.
  3. Wheel hub advertising is permitted. These must be securely fitted and comply with the Taxi Inspection Centre’s requirements.
  4. The fitting of internal TV or video displays for advertisement or entertainment purposes will require the making of an application for consent to carry out a material alteration to the vehicle and, if approved, will require to be inspected by and comply with the Taxi Inspection Centre’s requirements.
  5. The advertising of the following products is prohibited – (a) Alcoholic products (but not including advertisements of premises which are licensed in terms of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005), (b) Tobacco products, including reference to sporting activities sponsored by tobacco companies where the tobacco producer or the name of the manufacturing company is included.

Private hire cars

Advertising is not permitted.


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