Medical exemption from requirement to carry an assistance dog

Law and policy

  1. Part 12 of the Equality Act 2010 requires that all taxi and private hire car drivers whose vehicles are hired by: (a) a disabled person who is accompanied by an assistance dog; or (b) a person who wishes a disabled person with an assistance dog to travel with them, to carry the person’s dog and allow it to remain with them.
  2. The driver is not entitled to charge any additional fare for carrying the assistance dog.
  3. Medical exemption certificates will be issued if the licensing authority is satisfied that it is appropriate to do so on medical grounds.
  4. In deciding whether to issue an exemption certificate the authority must have regard, in particular, to the physical characteristics of the vehicle which the person drives or those of any kind of vehicle in relation to which the person requires the certificate.
  5. Exemptions are valid only for such period as is specified in the certificate. Decisions on the duration of an exemption will be taken on advice from the Licensing Committee’s nominated medical practitioners

Procedure for obtaining exemption

In the circumstances detailed at 3 above the following procedure will apply:

  1. the applicant will obtain a letter from their doctor detailing their reason(s) for applying in terms of 3 above
  2. the applicant will submit the letter to the Litigation and Licensing Team
  3. Litigation and Licensing Team will make a referral to the ACC nominated medical practitioners who will then conduct a medical examination
  4. They will provide a report on the applicant’s capability to undertake the duties in terms of their medical ground(s)
  5. If the report confirms that the applicant is unable to undertake the duties based on medical grounds; and it is necessary due to the physical characteristics of the vehicle, officers of the Litigation and Licensing Team will grant the exemption by delegated powers. If the report recommends the application be refused or is ambiguous in any way, the matter will be placed on the agenda of the next appropriate Licensing Committee.
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