Health and safety at work regulations

The aim of the Occupational Health and Safety Enforcement Service within Aberdeen City Council is to contribute to the maintenance and improvement of standards of occupational health and safety arising from work activities in the city, with a consequential reduction of the risks associated with those work activities.

Statutory duties for provision of safe systems of work apply to both employees and to the public who may be affected by work activities (for example customers and passers by).

As an Enforcing Authority, Aberdeen City Council has a responsibility to provide health and safety enforcement services for approximately 3900 businesses, mainly within the service sector. These include:

  • retail
  • wholesale
  • offices
  • catering
  • hotels
  • residential care homes
  • leisure and consumer services eg. launderettes, hairdressers, undertakers, shoe repair, tyre and exhaust fitters and churches.

We investigate complaints, accidents, work-related diseases and dangerous occurrences, taking enforcement action where necessary and giving advice as appropriate. If there are significant concerns about the operation of a business, an unannounced inspection may take place.

The Health and Safety Executive website gives useful information including industry guidance, free leaflets and research reports on health and safety.

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