South College Street Junction Improvements Project (Phase 1)

The project

The project consists of a package of junction improvements and road widening measures which will increase capacity and improve traffic flow on this section of the road network, enabling the subsequent implementation of planned east-west route interventions at Guild Street and Union Street which were agreed as part of the adopted Aberdeen City Centre Masterplan.

The Project consists of the following main elements:

  • An additional traffic lane along South College Street between Bank Street and the A93 Wellington Place
  • An additional lane on Palmerston Place
  • A new traffic signal controlled junction at the intersection of Palmerston Place/ A956 North Esplanade West
  • The alteration of the existing traffic signal controlled junctions at the South College Street/ A93 Wellington Place junction and the South College Street/ Millburn Street/ Palmerston Place junction adding additional approach lanes and improving operational coordination
  • New and altered walking and cycling infrastructure along the South College Street and Palmerston Place
  • Reconfigured parking and loading areas on the South College Street between the Millburn Street and A945 Riverside Drive

Public Exhibition

An online public exhibition providing an update on the project design and programme, will be running from the 9th December 2020 to the 19th January 2021.  

Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO)

The use of Compulsory Purchase is necessary to acquire land required to build the project.  Notice for the making of the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) was served in May 2020.  There are no set timescales for the CPO process but typically it can take around 12-24 months.  Road construction will not take place until the land acquisition process is completed. 

You can read the Scottish Government's guide to compulsory purchase and compensation on their website at the link below:

Compulsory purchase in Scotland


The Compulsory Purchase Order can be inspected at Town House, Queen Street entrance public notice board, Queen Street, Aberdeen or downloaded below:


Download the CPO map below:


Download the Statement of Reasons below:



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