Overhanging vegetation

We are responsible for looking after all public roads in Aberdeen City except for trunk roads, and any private or unadopted roads. The A90 and A96 trunk road sections are the responsibility of Amey For more information on trunk roads in the North East, or to report a fault on any of these roads please visit their website at netrunkroads.scot or you can telephone 08000 830084

You can report overhanding vegetation via our online form 

Vegetation FAQ’S  

If you have received a letter and the vegetation in question is not maintained or owned by you please contact Aberdeen city Council using the contact details provided on the letter.  

If the trees are protected and you would need to contact the Planning Department to arrange for an order to allow you to cut back the overhanging vegetation. 

All vegetation should be cut back to the boundary line of your property so as not to overhang/encroach onto the public footpath/carriageway.

The Minimum Vertical Clearance within a footpath is 2.4m

The Minimum vertical clearance in within the carriageway is 6m height

If the land is Council owned yes, if the land is privately maintained no, we would need to contact the owner/occupier to request cut back.

The owner/occupier of the land has 28 days from the date of the letter sent to carry out the works to cut back the vegetation. Should not works be carried or contact made advising of scheduled works in the close future, a Legal Notice can be sent under the Road (Scotland Act 1984) advising if no works are carried out within 28 days Aberdeen City Council can arrange for works to be carried out and the owner/occupier will be invoiced for the cost of the works.  

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