Order traffic cones for temporary use

The Council can supply temporary no-waiting cones to households or businesses where bulky deliveries or public access (for example, for funerals or weddings) could encroach on carriageways and cause problems with traffic flow.

Temporary no-waiting cones are not subject to parking enforcement and are advisory only (unless a Temporary Traffic Order has been published). The Council cannot take responsibility for any parking infringements within the area of any temporary no-waiting cones after they have been put in position.

If you would like to order temporary no-waiting cones, please phone the contact centre on 03000 200 292 at least 48 hours before you need the cones. There is a charge for this service of £75 per week (or part week) for delivery of the cones, setting them in position, and collection. 

You must supply billing details when requesting the cones. We will send you an invoice within two weeks of providing the service. You must pay the invoice within 28 days. We will refuse future requests if the initial invoice or any subsequent invoices are not paid.

If you have received an invoice for this service, you can pay online below:


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03000 200 292


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