External Links to Aberdeen South Harbour

The Aberdeen City Region Deal - External Transport Links to Aberdeen South Harbour project is being progressed by Aberdeen City Council, as local Roads Authority, and aims to improve access to the new Aberdeen South Harbour at the Bay of Nigg. Following Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) assessment preferred options were agreed at the City Growth and Resources Committee in February 2021. 

A Strategic Business Case (SBC) for the preferred road option (A4) and active travel improvement options (C1 & C4) was subsequently produced and approved in March 2022 by UK and Scottish governments; who are funding the projects through the Aberdeen City Region Deal.

In June 2022, Aberdeen City Council commenced assessment of the route options within the preferred route corridor, known as Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) Route Option Assessment (Stage 2).  Once concluded a detailed Scheme Assessment will be undertaken (DMRB Stage 3).  During these stages the preferred corridor is taken through preliminary and then more detailed design processes considering likely environmental, economic, traffic and engineering aspects. An Outline Business Case (OBC) is being developed for the project in tandem with the DMRB Stage 2 & 3 work. 

As part of the DMRB Stage 2 and 3 reporting process, surveys and consultations will be undertaken in order to inform Environmental and Engineering Assessments.  Following which the Outline Business Case will be completed prior to the progression of the scheme through detailed design, planning and construction stages.

External Transport Links to Aberdeen South Harbour


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