Berryden corridor improvement

The project

The existing Berryden corridor facilitates journeys between the city centre, the north of Aberdeen and beyond. The corridor represents a pinch point in the city road network and has been identified as a route operating beyond its capacity leading to significant congestion and journey time delays, particularly at peak times.

The Berryden Corridor Improvement Project involves widening the existing road and junction improvements between Skene Square and Ashgrove Road, and constructing a new section of road between Ashgrove Road and Kittybrewster roundabout.

The project will provide substantial benefits across the north of the city and beyond including:

  • Improved journey times and connections. 
  • Reduced congestion.
  • Improved pedestrian and cycle provision.

It will also build on the benefits gained from the opening of Diamond Bridge further improving connections within the city.

Planning Applications & Other Consents

To progress the project, a number of planning applications and other consents were submitted in March 2020.The individual applications can be viewed on our online planning register. 

Please use the individual application reference numbers listed below under the Berryden Corridor Improvement Project or the individual properties affected. 

The planning applications cover the new section of road between Ashgrove Road and St Machar Drive, and the proposed alteration of No. 6 Caroline Place. The road widening from Skene Square to Ashgrove Road is considered permitted development under the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Scotland) Order 1992.  As land within this section is covered by the Rosemount and Westburn conservation area, conservation area consents are required for alterations to buildings. Listed building consent is also required for permission to alter, extend or demolish a listed building.

Additionally, there are applications for prior notification to inform the planning authority about some of the proposals which benefit from permitted development rights.

Address Planning Application(s)
Berryden Corridor Improvement Project 200366/DPP
1 Caroline Place 200364/CAC
2 Caroline Place 200370/CAC
3 Caroline Place 200372/CAC
6 Caroline Place 200373/CAC
The Father’s House 200378/LBC
166 Hutcheon Street 200367/PND
168/170 Hutcheon Street 200368/PND
Ashgrove Road Sub-Station 200377/PND
March Stone ABD55 200374/LBC

The reference number indicates the type of application it refers to:

DPP: Detailed Planning Permission

LBC: Listed Building Consent 

CAC: Conservation Area Consent 

PND: Prior Notification - Demolition

Further information on the planning process can be found on our Planning Application Decision Making Process web page.

Copies of drawings, documents and assessments lodged along with the applications can be accessed under Related Documents at the bottom of the page.

Public engagement 

An overview of the online exhibition which was held from 19 November to 16 December 2019 is still available to view.

A public exhibition, was also held at Sainsbury’s, Berryden Road on 29 and 30 November 2019. Images of the boards displayed at the public exhibition can be downloaded from the links below:


Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO)

The use of Compulsory Purchase is necessary to acquire land required to build the project. Notice for the making of the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) was served in November 2018. There are no set timescales for the CPO process but typically it can take around 12-24 months. Road construction will not take place until the land acquisition process is completed.

You can read the Scottish Government's guide to compulsory purchase and compensation on their website at the link below:

Compulsory Purchase and Compensation

The Compulsory Purchase Order can be inspected on request at Marischal College. 

Download the CPO map below:

Download the Statement of Reasons below:

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