Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessments

Aberdeen City Council uses an integrated impact assessment process to capture equality, human rights, children’s rights and socio-economic disadvantage information and evidence.  

An Integrated Impact assessment (IIA) is a tool that helps to systematically consider relevant evidence that you can test against proposals to determine if there may be an unfair or have unequal effect on different groups of people within the community or the workforce.  

To ensure compliance with the Equality Act 2010, the IIA will help to:  

  • Ensure that the proposal does not discriminate 
  • Consider how the proposal might better advance equality of opportunity  
  • Consider whether the proposal will affect relations between different groups.  

In addition, the IIA will also enable you to ensure that proactive steps are taken to identify and mitigate potential discrimination and interference with or violation of an individual’s Human Rights. There are also considerations made under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.  

The Fairer Scotland Duty places a legal responsibility on us to actively consider how we can reduce inequalities of outcome caused by socioeconomic disadvantage when making strategic decisions. 

This toolkit will support you in making the relevant considerations whilst developing your project, proposal or policy.  

Please download a copy of this form to complete an assessment.


Searching for impact assessments

The form and the guidance supersede the previous Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessment (EHRIA) form. Previous assessments may therefore appear as EHRIAs and the recent ones are referred to as IIAs  

To find a specific Assessment you can search by Report Number, Title, Directorate, Committee Name, Date of Committee Meeting, or Date of Impact Assessment. 

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