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As part of the planned reinstatement of our services from Monday 26th April 2021 you are able to access the Central Library for research purposes during a pre-booked appointment slot. 

All research appointments must be pre-arranged. Let us know the type of appointment you would like using the online form below or by calling 01224 652500 (Monday to Saturday 10.00am-12.45pm and Monday-Friday 2.00pm-4.45pm).

We will then contact you to arrange a suitable date and time for your appointment. Please do not visit us if you don't have a confirmed appointment.


Appointment types


The following appointment types are available:

  • Item(s) request: to request a specific item or items to consult. See this link to Search our catalogue (but please note that not all library stock is listed in the online catalogue - for more information, please contact us)
  • Microfilm request: to request specific reel or reels to consult. See this link to see our Newspapers Holdings on Microfilm.
  • Research assistance: to consult a range of resources selected by the librarians based on your research needs.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) enquiries: including 1:1 IP meetings in person or online with a librarian.

Additional information

  • To support both safe public access and staff safety, adjustments have been made to the library layout to assist in maintaining physical distancing, with non-essential furniture and equipment removed. Optimum occupancy levels will be calculated and maintained to ensure safety. 
  • Appointment slots will be for two hours maximum but this may be extended to three hours if capacity allows.
  • Only resources available in Central Library will be accessible. Current newspapers and magazines will not be available.
  • We would ask that you do not arrive more than 5 minute prior to your allocated slot and on time, as late arrivals may not be able to access resources and may need to rebook.

This video details what measures will be in place and what you need to know before you visit us.

Have a look at the Q&As below for more information about this service.

Contact details

Should you require any additional information, please contact the relevant team:

  • Business and Employability enquiries:
  • Local Studies enquiries:


This will be confirmed by the librarian before your visit. Item(s) and microfilm requests as well as research assistance will take place in the Information Centre, on the second floor of Central Library. 

Yes. PC and/or WiFi will be available if required for research purposes. If you need to use a PC during your visit, you will need to confirm this with the librarian so that the computer can be booked in advance. 

Only resources available in Central Library are accessible at this stage. This is to ensure that library staff do not travel to other locations and therefore minimise risks of transmission. This will be revised on a regular basis.

Physical copies of current newspapers and magazines will be unavailable to read but the online resource Press Reader is available to browse thousands of local and national newspapers or magazines. To access Press Reader you can book a session on one of our computers or access it through the app or website on your mobile device for free with your library membership.

Older newspapers will be accessible for research purposes and should be requested before your visit. They will then be quarantined for 72 hours. 

Yes. You will be asked to provide your name and contact telephone number when completing the online form. We will also record details of the time and date of your arrival. These details will be kept for 21 days. This is to ensure that the Test and Protect system can function as effectively as possible.

Full guidance is available from

Aberdeen City Council Privacy notice is available from 

Yes. Face coverings must be worn in libraries.

A face-covering can be any covering of the mouth and nose that is made of cloth or other textiles and through which you can breathe. 

Religious face-coverings that cover the mouth and the nose count as face coverings for these purposes. 

A face visor on its own is no longer considered to be a face-covering and so if one is worn, a face covering (as above) must also be worn.

Some people are not required to wear a face covering.

These include:

  • children under 5 years of age
  • police constables or workers such as paramedics acting in the course of their duty 
  • staff such as drivers or checkout assistants who are physically separated, by means of, for example, screens, from passengers or customers
  • shop workers if they maintain a 2-metre distance from customers or members of the public

You may also have a reasonable excuse not to wear a face covering if, for example:
you have a health condition or you are disabled and a face covering would be inappropriate because it would cause difficulty, pain, or severe distress or anxiety or because you cannot apply a covering and wear it correctly, safely, and consistently. Individual discretion should be applied in considering the use of face coverings for other children including, for example, children with breathing difficulties and disabled children who would struggle to wear a face covering

  • you need to eat or drink
  • you are taking medication
  • you are communicating with someone else who relies on lip reading
  • a relevant person, such as a police officer, asks you to remove your face covering


If you are unable to visit, please contact the team who confirmed your appointment: or This will allow us to offer the slot to someone else. We will then be able to arrange another date and time for you to visit.

Please do not visit the library if you feel unwell or are experiencing one of these symptoms: a high temperature, a continuous cough, a loss or change in your normal sense of taste or smell.

No. All research appointments must be pre-booked in advance. We will do our best to accommodate all requests.

Recent studies have shown that hand sanitiser can have a detrimental impact on paper and historical items. We will therefore give you a pair of disposable gloves when handling fragile items from our collection.

Yes, printing services are available at the library. Please note that scanning and photocopying is not available at this time. You can however use your own device (e.g. camera, phone) for scanning, although copyright restrictions may apply.

You will be asked to pay online by logging into your account if possible. If you are not a library member, card and cash payments will be handled in Lending Library, on the ground floor of Central Library.


Any resources used will be quarantined in accordance with guidance (currently 72 hours). A designated space will be provided for any additional items browsed but not issued – these items will also be quarantined. 

No. Public toilets are not available at this time. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

On receipt of your appointment request form, we will ascertain whether the requested resources and support can be provided. Popular items may for example be in quarantine so extra time will be required before an appointment can be made. Overall, we are aiming to apply the following rules:

  • Item(s) request and Microfilm request: up to two working days
  • Research assistance and IP enquiries: up to five working days

We will be in touch to arrange a suitable date and time for you to visit us. Due to the demand, delays may occur so please bear with us.

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