Bookbug Picture Book Prize

Bookbug Picture Book Prize 2021

The shortlist for the Bookbug Picture Book Prize is now officially launched !. The 3 titles shortlisted are those contained in the Bookbug Primary 1 Family bag which is gifted to all children in Scotland during November.

  •  This is a dog by Ross Collins
  •  Brenda is a sheep  by Morag Hood 
  • My first book of birds illustrated by Zoe Ingram

The winner  is chosen by children aged 0-7 across Scotland. If you can't wait until your child brings home these fantastic books in their Bookbug Primary 1 bag or if your child isn't in Primary 1 then borrow them all from your local library and decide which one you think should win.

You can watch the stories being read by the authors here Bookbug Picture Book Prize Authors Read

and then vote here


Bookbug Sessions in November

Our digital session during November will feature activities related to the Bookbug Picture Book Prize and we'd love for children aged 0-7 either at home with their family or at nursery/playgroup to take part by trying one of the activities featured in our  Bookbug sessions or by crafting /drawing/painting a bird or a sheep or a dog . Then we'd like you to send a photo of your creation to be featured in a giant collage which you'll see in the Bookbug sessions.
We've had some fantastic photos of beautiful birds, silly sheep and daft dogs - join us on Saturday to see these being added to out fab collage. Don't forget to send in your picture too !

Email to



The staff in Central Children's Library have created a wonderful Covid safe voting chart - read the books and then visit to vote 

The deadline for voting is Friday 05 February 2021 




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