Loyal Volunteers of Macduff

The following list has been transcribed from the first volume of Council Minutes of the Burgh of Macduff, 1783-1853 (AS/Bmcd/1/1).

On 21 March 1795 the Council adopted a plan to establish an artillery battery in the Burgh for the defence of the coast. It also resolved to raise a Volunteer force consisting of "Companys of Infantry for manning batteries on the Coast each to consist of 1 captain, 2 lieutenants, 3 sergeants, 3 corporals, 2 drummers, 60 private men at least, one third to be armed with firelocks, the other to have pikes eight feet long."

As the lists show, the initial number raised is more modest than the amount that the Council hoped to achieve.

List A is taken from the minute of 24 March 1795, detailing those that subscribed to become Volunteers. This is the longest list of the set given here.

List B is taken from the minute of 12 May 1795, detailing those that enrolled and took an oath of affirmation enlisting their service. This is the most detailed list, giving designations and rough ages of the Volunteers beside their names

List C is taken from the minute of 6 June 1795, detailing in alphabetical order those that attended the first meeting of the Volunteers. During this meeting they were informed that the estimate for the cost of their uniform fell short of the allowance that the Government would provide for this purpose, and it was proposed that the shortfall would be made from the pay of the Volunteers. The letters listed beside their names show those that accepted this proposal (letter E) and those that dissented (letter K – these people were later reported to the Lord Lieutenant). Other letters on this list have been provided for information, but it has not been possible to establish what they mean.

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