Baptism registers

Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives have few records of births, marriages and deaths. However, we do have a small number of baptism registers, and indexes for two volumes covering St Nicholas Parish in Aberdeen for the dates 1838 to 1848 and 1849 to 1850.

There are around 6,000 names in the indexes, which includes the date of baptism, the name of the father and his occupation (where noted), the name of the mother and the name of the child. Further information in the original volumes can also include the names of any witnesses. Please note that the names have been transcribed as written in the original record, so some names may not conform to modern spellings.

If you find an entry in the index and wish to know more about the original entry, please note the volume it is contained in, the names of those involved, and the page number where noted. You can then contact us for further information.

Our thanks to our volunteer, Christina Leech, for transcribing these two volumes.

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