Advice to depositors

Many of the collections housed in the Archives have been gifted or loaned by institutions or individuals. We welcome further deposits of historical significance. Once deposited these records are cleaned, stored, listed and made available for study. Staff are also happy to provide advice on the preservation and storage of documents on request.

Records are received either by outright gift or purchase, by transfer from Aberdeen City or Aberdeenshire Councils, or by deposit on loan. A formal written receipt is issued in every case.

If you are considering depositing your Covid-19 Diary with the archive, please read our Covid-19 Diary Deposit Guidance:


Where deposit is by gift, title will pass to Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives on such terms and conditions as may be agreed.


Where deposit is made by loan, the ownership of the records concerned is unaffected. Terms of deposit must be agreed in advance.


Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives reserves the right to return to the depositor any records deemed to be of no historical interest, or which fall outside the terms of its collection policy, or, with the consent of the depositor, either to transfer them to a more suitable repository or to destroy them.

Storage and preservation

Records will be stored in secure accommodation in one of the Archive offices, in conditions not less favourable than those considered acceptable for the Council's own records. Conservation work will be undertaken if deemed necessary by archive staff on records gifted to the Council only. Records in a fragile condition may be withheld from production. Records may be numbered with a reference code for their own safety and for identification purposes.


Records will be listed in due course and a copy of the list provided free of charge to the depositor. Further copies will be made available in the public searchroom and will be supplied to other bodies as considered appropriate.


Records will be made available to researchers free of charge in the public searchroom. Conditions of access by researchers may be established in advance of any gift or loan, with due consideration given to the statutory provisions contained in the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act.

Reproduction and copyright

Consistent with the safety of the records, copies will normally be supplied to members of the public for research purposes. Copyright is restricted in terms of the Copyright Acts. Further reproduction will not be permitted without the depositor's consent unless previously agreed in writing.

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