Culture Aberdeen: cultural strategy 2018-2028

Culture Aberdeen – A Cultural Strategy for the City of Aberdeen 2018-2028 has been developed by a network of cultural organisations working across the city with support from Aberdeen City Council.

It lists five key ambitions for Aberdeen over the next 10 years which will challenge and support the city’s cultural sector to develop further:

Releasing our creativity

Our vision for Aberdeen is a city opening doors, where everyone can be transformed and inspired through engagement in the arts and culture; a place releasing our creativity.

Becoming Scotland’s creative lab

Our vision for Aberdeen is a city to experiment in, a home, a place, a destination and testing ground for artists, creative enterprises and new ideas; a place which has become Scotland’s creative lab.

Making all the city a stage

Our vision for Aberdeen is a city which inspires, where exciting cultural experiences are around each and every corner and where there are no creative boundaries; a place where all the city is a stage.

Connecting us to the world

Our vision for Aberdeen is a city like no other, where we celebrate and promote our culture and heritage, the things we make and create, a place where culture connects us to the world.

Shaping our future

Our vision for Aberdeen is a city whose cultural sector is growing in ambition and confidence with a strong collective of cultural leaders collaborating to realise the city’s potential; a place where the arts shape our future.

Culture Aberdeen has been developed by a partnership of the city’s cultural organisations with support from Aberdeen City Council. This culture network has also taken the name Culture Aberdeen and will work to deliver the ambitions through agreed action plans delivered by member organisations.

In recognition of Aberdeen and the north-east of Scotland’s unique local heritage and language, Culture Aberdeen has also been published in Doric, with a translation by Shane Strachan.

Download the full Culture Aberdeen document here:

Download the summary Culture Aberdeen document here:

Download the Culture Aberdeen document in Doric here:

If you have any queries about the Culture Aberdeen strategy, please contact


Cultural impact

The Council has produced the report Investment in Culture: 2018/19 Impacts which provides an overview of the Council’s support to culture in terms of its internal services and funding provided to external bodies to deliver cultural activity.

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