Arts Across Learning Festival

Creative Learning presents The Arts Across Learning Festival 2019, a celebration and exploration of the arts and their value to learning and teaching. The festival brings a stimulating wealth of learning experiences to spark imagination and enthusiasm for learning to nursery and primary pupils and their teachers for free!

This year’s Arts Across Learning Festival will take place from 25 February to 8 March 2019. Download the festival brochure to see what's on: 

Through a range of art forms, the festival will present alternative and engaging approaches to inter-disciplinary learning. This helps enable children to deepen their learning, express themselves, recognise their own abilities and share their learning with their peers and parents. Festival learning opportunities are delivered by experienced artists, companies and educators who work with Creative Learning to ensure that activities are designed to meet festival learning outcomes.

How to book

You can book tickets for festival events by phoning 01224 611160. Booking lines open on Monday 28 January 2019. We are unable to take bookings before this date. Booking lines will be open from 8:30am-4pm Monday to Thursday only.

2019 festival outcomes

Festival outcomes have been developed in response to the National Improvement Framework, Scotland’s Creative learning Plan and informed by the ongoing Creative Learning Team work with city schools.

  • Enhanced children’s learning experiences across the curriculum, through creative approaches and cultural participation and partnerships.
  • Improved children’s knowledge and skills in the expressive arts.
  • Gave children the chance to express themselves, shape their own learning, learn new creative skills and share their work with others.
  • Though innovative arts and creative learning experiences, children’s ability to recognise and articulate their own skills and potential was improved.
  • Demonstrated Aberdeen is a city without creative barriers where children and schools can experiment with and be transformed by the arts, creativity and culture.

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