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You can see all our current job vacancies on the link below:

Some jobs will also be advertised through social media, community groups and other forums, so there are lots of opportunities to see what’s available for you.

Tips for finding the right job for you

  • Look beyond the job title. Because we have such a diverse range of roles, sometimes the job title does not reflect the actual work involved. For example, a Support Assistant could be a role within an admin team, project team or even a care environment.
  • Take the time to read both the job advert which will give you information about the contract type, working arrangements and salary and the job profile which provides more detail about the job, what’s involved and what knowledge, skills and personal qualities are needed.
  • If you’re already registered on myjobscotland you can sign up for job alerts and get information about relevant jobs for you directly to your inbox.

If you see a job which fits what you’re looking for and one where you have the relevant knowledge, skills and qualities required go to myjobscotland where you can complete and submit your application online. If you’re unable to apply online please contact us as soon as possible.

About myjobscotland

myjobscotland enables all Scottish local authorities to advertise their vacancies in one place. For applicants it makes the application process easier as you can create your own myjobscotland account so your information is saved and can be used for future applications. It will also let you track your application and find out what stage it’s at. Because you register with an email address, we’ll be able to contact you by email instead of letter so communication will be quicker and simpler! If you experience any technical problems when completing your application on myjobscotland, please email for support.

If you have any questions about a vacancy or the recruitment process, please get in touch

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