School Age Childcare

Aberdeen City Council recognises that School Age Childcare is central to the social and economic development of the city, enabling parents and carers to engage confidently with employment and employability opportunities; economically supporting themselves and their children.   

School Age Childcare is also a major positive influence in improving outcomes for children in terms of their wellbeing, learning and development. Access to high quality School Age Childcare develops confident young people who are better able to lead their own learning, fully participate in their own communities and interact positively with their peers.   

School Age Childcare services are delivered in partnership with schools, community centres, a range of partner organisations and with local communities. A mixed economy of School Age Childcare provision operates in the city, with services delivered by Aberdeen City Council, the private and third sectors and community enterprise organisations.   

Aberdeen City Council’s policy is that schools work in partnership with parents and School Age Childcare providers to establish and support School Age Childcare in all educational establishments where there is sufficient parental demand.   

Regulation of all School Age Childcare is undertaken by the Care Inspectorate.  

Part 8 of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 requires Local Authorities to consult regularly with parents and carers about the provision of day care for school aged children. Aberdeen City Council has well established systems to engage with stakeholders to secure feedback and improvement and formally consults with parents, carers and children on a regular basis.  

Further information and contact details for all School Age Childcare providers can be obtained from the Family Information Service (FIS). 

For any other School Age Childcare enquiries, please email: 


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