Language Support

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Service 

The EAL Service, based in our ASN & Outreach service supports learning and teaching of children and young people with a home language other than English (multi-lingual learners).  The service supports improved access to the curriculum, promotes inclusion, and aims to secure raised attainment and achievement for all bilingual learners.  

The service works within an intercultural and inclusive framework on a basis of shared responsibility with the multi-lingual learners’ own school and teachers.  Support for learners and staff may come in the form of consultation and advice, assessment, or direct work with learners.  The EAL Service teach SQA English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes for senior phase learners.  


English as An Additional Language (EAL) Service 

Sunnybank School 

Tel: 01224 261717 


Language Support Service  

The Language Support Provisions at Dyce and Sunnybank Primary Schools supports the needs of young children from across the city who have a specific language impairment, offering:  

  • Intensive speech and language therapy;  
  • Carefully designed individualised curriculum;  
  • Enriched language environment; and  
  • Specialised teaching methods.  

As progress accelerates children return to their local school.  

Sensory Support Service 

Sensory Support through the ASN & Outreach Service, comprises of:  

  • Aberdeen School for the Deaf;  
  • Hearing Support Service;  
  • Vision Support Service.  

Hearing and Vision Support Services provide support for children and young people, 0-18, with varying degrees of sight and hearing difficulties.  Aberdeen School for the Deaf provide specialist support for children with significant hearing loss.  

The aim is to provide educational support that enables children and young people to access and engage fully with the curriculum.  These services offer support to families by providing information, practical help, advice and resources.  The support provided is flexible and responsive to the child/young person’s needs.  


Sensory and Vision Support Service 

Brimmond School 

Tel: 01224 7419940 


Digital Support for Learners  

A Quality Improvement Officer (QIO) Digital Learning, Teaching and Assessment supports the use of digital innovations to improve accessibility for all.  This service includes making recommendations to schools about the most appropriate software and applications to use.  Schools can seek such support by requesting assistance from the QIO Digital Learning, Teaching and Assessment  


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