How do we monitor and review the needs of our children and young people?

Assessing and reviewing progress is part of our everyday learning in schools. This includes looking at where we can see improvements and what else needs to be considered.  

Most children who have additional support needs are supported fully by their class or subject teacher who provides the learning environment, curriculum, resources and approaches to suit individual needs. Information will be shared with appropriate school staff who are working with the child/ young person.  

Where appropriate, further planning may be required. This may include consideration of:  

  • The pupil in their learning environment  
  • Identifying and understanding barriers to learning and their impact on the pupil’s learning • identifying areas of progress/strengths/interests  
  • Working with the pupil, school staff, parents and partner agencies  
  • Identifying strategies, routines, approaches, actions  
  • Planning a programme of intervention  

Personal planning may include: a strategy sheet shared with staff; an individual education programme or IEP, a personal learning plan; a care plan; a person-centred risk assessment or PCRA; and where a child’s needs require multi-agency intervention, a child’s plan or a CSP. Plans will be reviewed regularly. CSPs must be reviewed annually. Parents are encouraged to attend meetings and keep in regular contact with their child’s school. 


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