Lodging an Appeal

Parents or young persons have the right to appeal against an exclusion if they are not satisfied with the Authority’s decision. In this circumstance, they may refer their case to the School Placings and Exclusions Appeals Committee. Appeals can be made by completing our online form. Visit Apply for a school place for more information. 

Consideration of Appeals 

The Appeals Committee acts as an independent tribunal, and comprises members of the Council and external members with experience of education in the city.  

The Appeals Committee can confirm or annul the decision of the Council to exclude a pupil. The committee may feel that in all the circumstances the Council was correct to have excluded the pupil, but, on the other hand, the members are free to reverse that decision if their examination of the individual circumstances leads them to that conclusion. If the Council has attached conditions to a pupil’s re-admission to school, then the Appeals Committee may confirm the decision but modify the conditions. The Council must comply with the decision of the Appeals Committee. 

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