Novoville Shared Repairs App

What is the Novoville Shared Repairs App?

The Novoville Shared Repairs App is designed to help flat owners to repair and maintain the common areas of their block. It was created for Scottish proprietors during the Scottish Government backed "Civtech Programme". This turns the process of carrying out common repairs into a step-by-step procedure and gives flat owners the tools they need to get the project completed.  

The App makes it easy to know what to do at every step of the way to completing the repair or maintenance job and organise common repairs in your building. It allows for all owners in a building to join their 'virtual tenement' where they can connect with each other and easily manage their block's repairs and maintenance needs and are able to pay their share of the repair cost into a secure account via the App. 

The App is free to download and it is not required that all flat owners join. 

Arranging your own communal repair 

If you own a tenement flat, you are also responsible for maintaining those parts in which you have a 'common interest', called the Scheme (Common) Property. This outlines all the parts of the building where maintenance is paid for by all owners, including the roof, the foundations, external walls and any other parts of the property which the Title Deeds set out as being the property of two or more owners. 

Flat owners have the right to arrange their own communal repairs. If you identify a communal repair(s) you may wish to discuss it with your neighbours and other residents living in the building. You might also consider using an architect, property manager or surveyor when deciding which projects are the most urgent. 

Find out more about the responsibilities in housing repairs. 




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