Electrical Rewiring: Frequently Asked Questions

e select properties based on the last rewiring, with the oldest given priority.

Other factors are considered, such as:

  • Age of properties.
  • Known problems.
  • House condition.
  • Stock condition survey information.
  • Information from housing and building services teams.

We aim to ensure that all properties are rewired within a maximum of 30 years.

  • Installation of a new MCB/RCBO consumer control unit (circuit breaker/fuse box).
  • Additional sockets to the existing ring main circuits in the living room and bedrooms.
  • New ring main circuit installed in the kitchen.
  • Complete rewiring of the lighting circuits.
  • Replacement of all accessories (sockets, switches, and light pendants).
  • Lay aside for reuse your own light fixtures and fit new flexible cable where necessary. Where fixtures do not comply with regulations (BS 7671: 2018) they will not be re-erected.  You will be advised accordingly.
  • Plaster all holes and refit any skirting and flooring removed by the electrical contractor

There will be circumstances where it is deemed that a full rewire of the property is required.

Tenants will be responsible for the safe removal and storage of any valuable/breakable objects prior to the works commencing.  The contractor will assist in the removal of furniture where necessary. It is also important that tenants ensure that their meter cupboard is fully cleared.

Rewiring works are generally completed within one day.

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