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We are aware of some companies falsely claiming to be working with Scarf and Aberdeen City Council on schemes that improve the energy efficiency of homes.

Representatives are approaching householders, door to door, wishing to assess properties that may qualify for energy efficiency improvements under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Flexible Eligibility Scheme, or ECO Flex, as well as other Scottish Government Schemes.

ECO Flex is an active and legitimate scheme. However, Union Technical (Scotland) (SC493115 ) and Everwarm (SC390210) are the only companies we have approved to operate in their respective regions to assess and undertake work. 

Why save energy?

By saving energy you will be saving yourself money on your fuel bills, making your home warmer and at the same time helping to conserve our environment.

The cost of supplying energy into the home has generally been rising recently and is expected to continue. This is reflected in your household's energy bills.

Every time we turn on our heating, switch on our lights, heat water, cook, or use any gas or electrical appliances in our homes, we may be damaging our planet by adding to the threat of global warming.

Where to get advice

Saving Energy Aberdeen website

The Saving Energy Aberdeen website has been developed by Aberdeen City Council as part of the European funded Interreg ACE retrofitting project.  The website provides information, guidance and tools which will enable you to improve the energy efficiency of your home. There can be additional challenges when installing energy efficiency measures in flatted properties when the consent of neighbours is required. This website also provides information and guidance to address these challenges. 
Visit the Saving Energy Aberdeen for more information. 

Home Energy Scotland

Home Energy Scotland can offer advice on how to save energy and money and make your home warmer. They can also do a free Home Energy Check over the phone to pin-point where you could save energy and money, and may be able to arrange for an advisor to visit you at home. 

You may be eligible for help under the Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland. You may even qualify for free or subsidised measures under the Warmer Homes Scotland Scheme.

For further information visit the Home Energy Scotland site or call direct on 0808 808 2282.

Home Energy Scotland advisors are available on the phone Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm, and on Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

Home Energy Team

Aberdeen City Council's Home Energy Team, was created as part of the Council's Home Energy Strategy.

The Team can provide information on home energy efficiency projects in Aberdeen such as: 

Aberdeen Affordable Warmth Scheme or the Aberdeen Victorian tenements project

Read more in our guide:


Scarf is a social enterprise, based in Aberdeen, that delivers free advice to householders and businesses including advice on how to reduce heating costs.

Advice on:

  • achieving affordable warmth
  • help with fuel bill issues
  • advice on choosing a fuel supplier
  • energy efficiency grants and offers
  • dampness and condensation

Home visits to:

  • provide heating use demo
  • set programmers/timers
  • use of controls
  • assess property for energy efficiency improvement
  • assess dampness and condensation problems

For further information visit the Scarf website or phone 01224 213005.

Energy company obligation: flexible eligibility

Aberdeen City Council continue to access available funding. The document below outlines our statement of intent in relation to accessing flexible eligibility funding through the Energy Contribution Obligation (ECO) scheme.


This replaces the previous Statement of Intent which is included below for reference: 




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