ACE-retrofitting: improving energy efficiency in tenements and flats

59% of homes in Aberdeen are not energy efficient which results in high fuel bills, high carbon emissions and, in some cases, residents unable to heat their homes to a comfortable level. 

Aberdeen City Council is currently participating in The Interreg NWE ACE-Retrofitting (Accelerating Condominium Energy Retrofitting) project.  This a European funded project to tackle energy efficiency in flats and tenement buildings.  Targeting flats and tenement buildings ensures that the greatest number of private owners can benefit from significant financial savings and 50%-70% carbon savings. Aberdeen has more than 12,000 flats in granite tenements built in Victorian or Edwardian times and, due to their age and building construction, some of these properties are hard to heat.  

Most tenements and blocks of flats contain properties with numerous owners which poses many challenges for retrofitting energy efficiency measures including getting initial consent from all the owners, coordinating the program of works, and securing payment once the works are complete. The ACE retrofitting project aims to help residents and owners of flats and tenements to overcome the many legal, social, and financial barriers.

As part of the ACE retrofitting project, Aberdeen City Council has created the Saving Energy Aberdeen website.  The website provides information, guidance and tools which will enable those living in houses and flats to improve the energy efficiency of your home. The website covers topics from why to fit energy efficiency measures, which measures would be right for your property through to financing options and how to find a contractor. 

Visit Saving Energy Aberdeen and start saving energy today.

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Scottish Housing Condition Survey 2015-2018, the number of homes not meeting energy efficiency rating C or above in Aberdeen City

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