Treatment and prevention contracts

We offer treatment and maintenance contracts for commercial and domestic premises, including offices, restaurants, hotels, shops and warehouses.

We will carry out a site inspection and design a service to meet your needs. We can identify and treat any existing problems and identify any potential entry points for vermin and insects. We will provide a quote for a treatment and maintenance programme that’s tailored to your requirements.

Our pest control team are fully trained in the safe use of rodenticides and are registered with the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use.

Our contracts include:

  • Routine site visits, e.g. monthly or quarterly, to monitor for any infestations.
  • Immediate treatment if an infestation is identified, to prevent the problem from becoming worse.
  • Follow up treatment visits where an infestation has been identified.

For further information or advice, details of charges or to arrange a site visit, please contact us:

Pest Control
03000 200 292

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