Immigration letters

Immigration letters are required for people who wish to bring members of their family into the UK from outside Europe. An officer will visit your property to measure the rooms and consider the number of people already living there to determine if the property will become overcrowded by the extra person.

When you request an immigration letter you must provide:

  • the address of your property and the number of rooms
  • the number of people already living in the property (including ages of any children)
  • the number of people wishing to enter the UK (including ages of any children)

There is a charge for issuing an immigration letter:

Service Charge
Initial request for letter £120 + VAT
Re-issue within 6 months £21 + VAT
Re-issue after 6 months £108 + VAT

Please contact the Environmental Health service to request an immigration letter and an officer will make arrangements within the next five working days.

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