Lost or missing cats

The Council does not have a service that will actively look for lost or stray cats. However, if a cat has been involved in a road traffic accident and found dead at the side of the road, the Grounds Maintenance team will take the body to the depot and contact the Dog Warden. The Dog Warden will scan the cat and if it is chipped they will contact the owner to let them know and try to return the body if this is what they want.

If your cat is not chipped, please contact the Environmental service on 03000 200 292 with a description of the cat and the last place it was seen. An officer will call you back if they believe they have found your cat.

Roaming cats

All cats are protected by the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and are free to roam, meaning that they might go into other peoples' gardens or property. When deterring a cat it is important to ensure you do not cause unnecessary pain, suffering, injury or distress as this would be an offence under the Act.

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