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The Council alone cannot make the air we breathe less polluted and while the Council does take lots of steps to improve air quality, all of us must also look at our lifestyles and the way we use our cars. 

Our Cleaner Air in Aberdeen leaflet is full of top tips to help you and your family contribute to improved air quality and probably save you money too, such as starting a car pool or walking and cycling more. The leaflet also contains information on why air quality is important, how and when it can impact on our health and what air quality is generally like in the Aberdeen area.

Our Idling page can tell you why idling is bad for air quality and bad for your pocket since idling your engine unnecessarily can land you with a £20 fixed penalty notice.

The Energy Saving Trust can also provide free, impartial advice on a range on sustainable transport matters, including the lowest CO2 emitting cars in each class and what to look for when buying a used car. Freephone 0800 512012 or visit the Energy Saving Trust web site.

You can also find information about garden bonfires, how they can impact on your neighbours and what alternatives there are in our Garden Bonfire Guidance leaflet.

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