Air quality reports

Air quality in the city is reviewed and assessed at regular intervals in accordance with statutory requirements. The Council’s Air Quality Annual Progress Report 2023 is the most recent review of air quality in Aberdeen. You can download this, as well as older air quality assessment reports, AQMA maps and related projects below.

Report File Date
Air Quality Annual Progress Report 2023 June 2023
Air Quality Annual Progress Report 2022 June 2022
Air Quality Annual Progress Report 2021 September 2021
Air Quality Annual Progress Report 2020
June 2020
Air Quality Annual Progress Report 2019 August 2019
Air Quality Management Area Orders October 2018
Air Quality Annual Progress Report 2018 July 2018
Air Quality Annual Progress Report 2017 June 2017
Air Quality Management Areas Aug 2016
Air Quality Annual Progress Report 2016 June 2016
Vehicle Emission Tailpipe Study 2016 April 2016
Updating and Screening Assessment 2015 June 2015
Aberdeen Action Plan Progress Update 2015 Dec 2015
City Centre Low Emission Feasibility Study 2015 Jan 2015
2014 Air Quality Progress Report Oct 2014
2013 Air Quality Progress Report Sept 2013
Air Quality Action Plan Progress Report 2013 June 2013
Updating and Screening Assessment 2012 July 2012

A Real Time Driving Emission Performance study was carried out across 6 sites in Aberdeen in April 2015. Emissions from over 24,000 cars, taxis, buses, vans and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) were tested. Diesel vehicle NOx (nitrous oxide) significantly underperformed compared to manufacture test data with diesel cars and vans contributing the most NO2. In general there was little difference in emissions from Euro 3,4, and 5 diesel cars across all manufacturers. While Euro 6 car emissions were roughly half Euro 5, levels still significantly exceeded the permitted standards across all manufacturers. The report will help support the development of measures to improve air quality in Aberdeen, particularly the 3 Air Quality Management Areas.

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