Music tuition

Aberdeen City Music Service aims to offer high quality musical experiences for children and young people across the city.

Several music instructors visit all schools in Aberdeen on a weekly basis. They offer weekly lessons on a range of instruments.

Once pupils have been learning an instrument for a little while they are invited to our Music Centre in order to play in an ensemble with other young people and to perform in concerts.

Registering for tuition

When spaces for tuition become available, music instructors speak to pupils in the relevant classes and send them home with an information pack. Spaces for tuition are normally allocated on a first come, first served basis. If demand for tuition exceeds availability, pupils are placed on a waiting list.

You can download the registration form below:

Pupils who are learning an instrument in primary school are automatically registered to continue learning once they reach secondary school. Music instructors teach across school clusters, so pupils will normally have the same teacher at primary and secondary school.

Pupils normally start off tuition by having group lessons. Once they are older or reach an advanced stage they may be offered individual lessons. Parents are informed before pupils change to individual lessons.


If a pupil is eligible for free school meals, they will also be eligible for free instrumental tuition.

Pupils studying for their National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher Music qualifications are eligible for free tuition on one instrument during the year that they sit the exam. The free tuition only applies to an instrument that they are playing as part of their performance programme.

There is also a sibling discount available for younger siblings on one instrument only.

The table below shows the price of full fees. Fees must be paid prior to the start of each term.

Term Fee for individual lessons Fee for group lessons
Term 1 £80 per term £64 per term
Term 2 £80 per term £64 per term
Term 3 £90 per term £72 per term
Term 4 £90 per term £72 per term

You can pay fees online, at Marischal College Customer Service Centre, or at the pay points across the city.

Loan of instruments

We have a stock of musical instruments that can be loaned out to pupils. Unfortunately we are unable to loan out pianos or keyboards.

Before an instrument is issued to a pupil we require a signed Instrument Loan Form. If an instrument is lost or damaged while on loan parents are responsible for repair or replacement.

Extra-curricular opportunities

At many schools, music instructors run extra-curricular choirs, bands and orchestras. Sometimes these run throughout the year, or sometimes they are rehearsed for specific events.

We also run Aberdeen City Music Centre. This is held weekly at Northfield Academy, with free transport available from various parts of the city. The Music Centre comprises of different ensembles catering to pupils at different levels of development. Music instructors invite pupils to join particular groups once they reach an appropriate stage of musical development. Further details are available from the office.

Contact details

01224 717524 (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm)

Music Service
Northfield Academy
Granitehill Place
AB16 7AU

Please note that we are unable to meet with members of the public at Northfield Academy or Marischal College without prior appointment.

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