Dyslexia guidelines

These guidelines are based on good practice in the areas of assessment and intervention around dyslexia. 

The guidelines cover:

  • Legislation relating to Additional Support for Learning
  • Definition of dyslexia
  • Profile of strengths
  • Factors other than dyslexia that can lead to literacy difficulties
  • The importance of early childhood literacy experiences
  • Staged intervention approaches
  • Use of technology to support dyslexia
  • National Standardised Assessments for Scotland and SQA assessment and examination 
  • Transitions 

Links to further information about dyslexia, universal support strategies and useful phone numbers are also included as an appendix to the guidelines.

If you are a parent or young person with a query about dyslexia, or the Aberdeen City Dyslexia Guidelines, please discuss this with your child's school

If you are a member of school staff with a query about the Aberdeen City Dyslexia Guidelines, please contact your link manager. 

Dyslexia Guidelines Family Short Guide 

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