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Council Tax and Scottish Water charges 2017/2018

Council Tax Band Current charge Revised charge due to Scottish Parliament legislation Water supply Waste water collection Total charges to be paid
Band A £820.26 £820.26 £132.84 £154.20 £1107.30
Band B £956.97 £956.97 £154.98 £179.90 £1291.85
Band C £1093.68 £1093.68 £177.12 £205.60 £1476.40
Band D £1230.39 £1230.39 £199.26 £231.30 £1660.95
Band E £1503.81 £1616.60 £243.54 £282.70 £2142.84
Band F £1777.23 £1999.38 £287.82 £334.10 £2621.30
Band G £2050.65 £2409.51 £332.10 £385.50 £3127.11
Band H £2460.78 £3014.46 £398.52 £462.60 £3875.58

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If you don't know what Council Tax Band you are in, you can search by postcode and address using the following link:

Water and waste water charges

Council Tax bills for properties connected to mains services include charges made by Scottish Water for domestic water and waste water services. While we are required by law to include these charges in our bill, we are not responsible for setting the charges. If you have a query about water or waste water please contact Scottish Water.


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