Local public holidays

Local public holidays are set by Aberdeen City Council and only apply in Aberdeen, although some of them may coincide with national holidays.

Local Public Holidays 2022

1 January- New Year 

2 January- New Year 

18 April- April Holiday 

2 May- May Day 

3 June- Queen's Platinum Jubilee

11 July- Summer Holiday Monday (start of Trades Fortnight)

26 September- Autumn Holiday Monday 

25 December - Christmas Day 

26 December - Boxing Day

30 December - New Year 


Local Public Holidays 2023

2 January - New Year

3 January - New Year (New Year's Day falls on a Sunday hence substitute day will be 03/01/23)

7 April - Good Friday

17 April - Aberdeen holiday 

1 May - May Day

10 July - First day of trades fortnight

25 September - September holiday

25 December - Christmas Day

26 December - Boxing Day

29 December - New Year


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