Scottish Parliamentary Election results 2021 - Aberdeen Donside constituency

Using the first past the post system, voters elect a constituency MSP. There are three constituencies for Aberdeen City: Aberdeen Donside, Aberdeen Central and Aberdeen South and North Kincardine.

Voters also elect seven regional MSPs using the additional member system of proportional representation. The system uses regional lists which include candidates selected by political parties and independent candidates. Aberdeen is in the North East Scotland region.

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Aberdeen Donside

Candidate Description Number of Votes % Share

CROSS, Harriet

Scottish Conservative and Unionist Part




Scottish Liberal Democrats



DUNBAR, Jackie

Scottish National Party (SNP)



GRANT, Lucas Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 240 0.67%

HERBERT, Heather

Scottish Labour Party



Total Valid Votes 35,909


The following candidate is duly elected to serve as a member of the Scottish Parliament for the Aberdeen Donside constituency: JACKIE DUNBAR

Aberdeen Central

The results for the Aberdeen Central constituency can be found here

Aberdeen South & North Kincardine

The results for the Aberdeen South & North Kincardine constituency can be found here.

North East Scotland Region

The results for the North East Scotland Region can be found here.

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