Torry/Ferryhill by-election results

Here is the result of the local government by-election in the Torry/Ferryhill ward held on Thursday 21 November 2019. This information is published on behalf of the Returning Officer.

Declaration of result

Electorate 15,443
Total votes cast 3,783
Turnout 24.5%


I, Fraser Bell, Returning Officer, hereby declare that the result of the election in the Torry/Ferryhill ward is as follows. There is 1 Councillor to be elected.

The quota of votes for a candidate to be elected is 1872.

The first preference votes received by each of the candidates was as follows:

Candidate's Name

Description (if any) Number of 1st Preferences




LYON, Betty

Scottish Green Party



Scottish Liberal Democrats


MCLEAN, Simon Paul

Independent 86


Scottish Conservative and Unionist


NICOLL, Audrey

Scottish National Party (SNP)


YOUNG, Willie Scottish Labour Party 395

After application of the election rules I declare that the following have been duly elected as Councillor for the Torry/Ferryhill ward of Aberdeen City Council:

Candidate's Name

Description (if any)  Stage at which candidate was elected
NICOLL, Audrey Scottish National Party (SNP)



The number of papers rejected and not counted was as follows: 

Reason Number of papers
Ballot paper which does not bear a unique identifying mark in a form that is capable of being read by electronic means 0
Ballot paper on which the figure “1” standing alone is not placed so as to indicate a first preference for some candidate 1
Ballot paper on which the figure “1” standing alone indicating a first preference is set opposite the name of more than one candidate 35
Ballot paper on which anything is written or marked by which the voter can be identified except the printed number and other unique identifying mark on the back 0
Ballot paper which is unmarked or void for uncertainty 4
Total number rejected 40
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