Kincorth and Leggart Community Council

Community Councillors (12)

  • Anne Wels - Chairperson
  • Hazel Massie  - Secretary
  • Joyce Leslie - Treasurer
  • Mark Macdonald - Licensing Officer
  • Alan Chalmers  
  • Chris Murray - Planning Officer
  • Kathleen Somers
  • Patricia Watt
  • Richard Watt
  • Lisa Christie (Associate Member) 

3 Vacancies

Meeting dates 

Traditionally the Community Council meet on the second Wednesday of each month.  They are meeting in Kincorth Community Centre from 6.30pm.  They also have the option to join remotely via Teams. Please contact the secretary for details.

Aberdeen City Councillors

The Community Council boundary covers one ward of Aberdeen City Council. The following Aberdeen City Councillors represent the Kincorth and Leggart Community Council area:

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