Budget Consultation

Aberdeen City Council has launched a landmark two-part public consultation that will help Elected Members to shape the 2024/25 Budget and future spending plans.  

The feedback will be shared with all Elected Members to help them decide how to both allocate funds for running services and set council tax and fees and charges.    

Phase 1 – which ran throughout July – invited people to identify the services that mattered most to them, their investment priorities. 

Phase 2 gives you the chance to explore detailed options for producing a balanced budget.

You'll be invited to say which savings you would make. We're also asking you to say what impact the options would have on you – a critical part of the consultation.  

Results from both phases will inform the Budget setting early next year alongside other considerations, including the need to deliver statutory services.  

A link to Phase 2 will appear here when the consultation goes live in autumn 2023.

When planning for the future, the council must by law ensure its spending does not exceed its income, hence the need to produce what is called a "balanced budget" when allocating funds to run services. 

The council wants to give people a greater say in the budget-setting process as part of a wider commitment to having a "Transparent, Accessible and Accountable City". In June a protocol to capture this was agreed by Council.  

The results of Phase 1 were reported to Full Council on August 23 as part of the Council's Medium Term Financial Strategy. This set out the estimated position for the years 2024/25 to 2027/28 and is the basis for Phase 2 of the consultation. 

The results Phase 2 will also be shared with Elected Members. 

 Phase 2 of the consultation includes options for sharing your views on where you think extra income might be raised as a way to offset savings needed.  

The results of the consultation will be shared with Elected Members, who set the Budget. The results will help shape the decisions they make alongside other key considerations, for example, the requirement to deliver statutory services. 

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