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Committee meetings during COVID-19 restrictions

At the Urgent Business Committee on 30 June, Members took the decision that Council, Committee, Sub Committee and Working Group meetings would recommence from 24 August, and that meetings should be held in the Council Chamber.  Please note however that due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, meetings in the Town House are not currently open to the press and public to attend. 

Instead, committee meetings will be webcast and can be viewed live here:- 

Similarly, please note that if you wish to submit a deputation request to address a meeting and your request is accepted, you will not be able to attend the meeting in person and you will instead be provided with access to the meeting to make your deputation remotely. 

Committee meetings

The Council and its Committees meet once every eight weeks. See the dates of upcoming meetings

If you are interested in a specific Committee, you can register for notifications when the agenda, decisions and minutes are published.

Agendas for meetings will be published online the week before the meeting.

Speaking at a meeting

Members of the public can ask in advance to speak at the meeting as a deputation. You can read more about how to do this on the Speak at a Council or Committee meeting page. 

After a meeting

Decisions taken by the Council or a Committee will be published online following the meeting. You can also read draft and final minutes online.

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