2023 review of UK Parliament Constituencies

Publication of initial proposals

The Boundary Commission for Scotland began its 2023 Review of UK Parliament constituencies in Scotland in January 2021.


Initial and secondary periods of consultation have been completed. Following these periods of consultation, revised proposals were published on Tuesday 8th November.  There now follows a 4-week public consultation, running until Monday 5th December 2022.


The revised proposals for Aberdeen North and Aberdeen South are unchanged from the initial proposals with two constituencies wholly within the Aberdeen City Council area boundary.


Comments on the revised proposals can be made on the consultation site , where you can view the boundaries of the revised proposals and compare them with the existing constituency boundaries.  Comments can also be made via email to bcs@scottishboundaries.gov.uk, or by writing to Boundary Commission for Scotland, Thistle House, 91 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 5HD. 


All comments should be submitted no later than 5th December 2022.


After considering the responses to this consultation on the revised proposals, the Commission will develop its final recommendations and submit its report to the Speaker of the House of Commons by 1st July 2023.



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