Volunteers Week: Community centre and learning centres pillars of support

Without volunteers fantastic support and hard work, community centres and learning centres could not operate. Read more from Alan, Community Centres Liaison Officer, about the importance of volunteers. 

Community centre and learning centres pillars of support

There are total of 33 community associations that run the activities within the city’s community centres and learning centres.  Theses associations provide a wide range of recreational and learning activities within their communities across the city.

This ranges from children’s breakfast clubs to seniors’carpet bowling, ballroom dancing classes to youths Lego clubs.  They also provide services for those in need including food banks and employment support.

These centres would not be able to operate without the hard work of local volunteers. These centres rely on the tireless work of more that 650 local folk who volunteer their time to ensure that their local community has access to these services.

A recent Council report highlighted at the financial value of this volunteering was conservatively estimated to be worth over £1.9 Million.

The volunteers involved in these centres have a positive impact upon their communities all year round.

During the current Covid-19 crisis many of these associations are still helping their communities despite having closed doors due to the lockdown.  Many volunteers are busy ensuring the most vulnerable in their communities are safe and well at this time.  They are ensuring prescriptions are collected, food is delivered and a friendly ear is on the end of a phone.

I hope everyone recognises the value of volunteers and volunteering, all year round. Thank you! 


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