Volunteers Week: Catherine Street Community Centre

Catherine Street Community Centre has been in operation for over 30 years and is run solely by a small group of volunteers and helpers. 

Friday afternoons are at the heart of the events programme with tea dances allowing many to take to the floor for Waltz, Tango, Rumba, Sequence Dances and Line Dancing, followed by a ‘fine piece’ and a cup of tea. Catching up with friends, along with dancing and refreshments brings so much joy to many.

Once a month the dancing continues with the Saturday night social dance, bringing along their preferred tipple, members dance the night away. Many of the nights are themed which have previously included Beach Club, Black and White and Scottish to name a few.

Other activities include a children’s club, parent and toddlers, carpet bowling, dancing, knitting, bingo and table tennis. 

Once a year the members go on an adventure for the day, gallivanting to various spots such as Inverness, Elgin, and Perth.  The bus journey passes quickly as members enjoy their packed lunch, games of bingo and a quiz. The trip usually comes to an end with a High Tea and an aperitif or two.  

Unfortunately, the current situation means the trips are a memory for now, with many of the committee members in the ‘at risk’ category, dancing has been put on hold for now.

However, Vice Chairman Trena Clunes checks in with as many people as possible ensuring they are ok, she has also been distributing NHS knitting patterns to those who enjoy knitting. 

And Vice Chairperson Helen Will hosted a virtual tea dance, which for many was a real highlight, playing music via facebook and sharing a slide show of dance members. The sequence dance group have also been kept up to date with virtual dance classes and social evenings. 

Many happy memories have been made at Catherine Street and this would not be possible without the volunteers.

Volunteer Week: Catherine Street Community Centre
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