Ordinary people doing extraordinary things: Ronnie the real-life samurai

Ronnie Watt is a real-life samurai as he brings joy to many through the power of Karate and Zoom. 

Over the last 20 years Ronnie has done an incredible amount for Aberdeen as a Karate Instructor and with the Samurai Awards. Covid-19 has not put a stop to his positive attitude as he continues to empower people of all ages from the comfort of their home. 

Offering free online classes to his students three times a week, at the age of 70 Ronnie proves age is not a barrier, as he hosts 2 sessions for beginners and a finishes off with a session for those more advanced, however many join for the full three hours.

The lessons are designed for training at home in a small space, which may be one of the reasons children, adults and pensioners log in weekly to get their Karate fix.  

Charlie, who nominated Ronnie, said: “I’ve known Ronnie since I was one of his Karate kids in the 1980’s and I still train with him.  Many times, I have witnessed Ronnie give his time for free he has a tremendously positive impact on many children and adults alike, his style of Karate training and discipline give individuals a humble confidence. 

“Given the current situation so many face uncertainties and I find it heartening to know that Ronnie is there for his students in their time of need. You just can’t buy the karate experience of 5 decades of hard work.  Here in Aberdeen and around the Karate world Ronnie is a legend.”

Ronnie has a 9th Dan in Karate, and OBE from Her Majesty the Queen, an Order of the Rising Sun from the Japanese and is also a Burgess of the City of Aberdeen. 

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