Ordinary people doing extraordinary things: Mrs Robertson 

Mrs Robertson, a teacher of design and technology at Mintlaw Academy, has found a fun and creative way of helping local children stay connected to their schools during lockdown whilst raising money for charity. 

After creating a colouring in sheet featuring her son’s school, Nicola has been approached by a mass of parents asking if she could draw their child’s school.

Nicola saw this as a great opportunity, creating an online colouring book which includes over 50 schools and the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital, to raise money for local charity AberNecessities. The charity aims to support families in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, by providing essential items they need for their babies and children.

With nearly £800 raised so far Nicola Robertson said: “I’ve got two little kids of my own, and my eldest is in primary one, so he’s really gutted and missing school, so I made him a colouring in sheet with a picture of his own school on it, Auchterellon.

“I sent it to his head teacher and she asked for a copy to send out to all of the kids, and so I tweeted about it – people like the idea so much that I’ve now got a list of 50 schools wanting a colouring in sheet featuring their school.

“I’ve been doing one or two a day, but the list has now become so big that I decided to ask for donations to try and make some cash for a good cause. I really wanted to support a local charity and chose AberNecessities because of the fantastic work they do across Aberdeen city and shire.

 “There’s a mixture of schools from across the city and the shire, and I’ve even had a few requests from Glasgow and Edinburgh too.”

If you would like to make a donation, please visit: Just Giving

To download the colouring book please visit: Colouring Book

* information correct as of 14 May 2020

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